• Welcome to AES Technique

    AES Technique is a dynamic and innovative company offering a high level of experience teamed with state of the art technology. Using the latest Tekla Structures design software, AES Technique’s are able to provide accurate 3D modelling to the finest of detail, achieving quality structural fabrication and concrete title tilt panel drawings.

  • Our product is clear and effective.
    We believe in pinpoint accuracy.

    We understand that pinpoint accuracy and collaboration are paramount to marking your project clear, effective and successful.

    AES Technique delivers unrivalled cost advantages and schedules, fixed price uncompromising commitment to quality. This is achieved through intergraded project management, adaptive workflows and continuous technology training.

    Our goals is to fully assist you in achieving a successful project by working proactively with you and your clients as well as providing solutions for all your fabrication and fbrication needs.